With 36 years in the business, 17 at my last job, I was the highest paid, and at the top of of my field, but after giving notice I was looking for another job, I was fired and not dissapointed to much. Using my 6 months unemployment, I planned out my future as there were ideas to work on. I started a business, wrote a short book, first time zip line, first time karaoke (Convoy), and developed new ideas.This is my journey, advice, project updates and ways of living with a positive outlook and excitement towards the future. We will have fun. And my dog, Mr. Paisley will be along also.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

                                              They fired me and my little dog too!

             I was a mechanic at a bowling center. A business I have been in for 37 years.
                                                               OK, that's done, now.
              My dog, Mister Paisley and I had a wonderful relationship there. We didn't have to be exactly on time, we took breaks whenever we wanted, ate when we wanted and we loved our customers. One day a female senior bowler brought Paisley a Lamb-Chop toy and he would run around the bowling center, ears flopping up and down, squeaking that toy loud enough to make sure everyone heard him, he loved them and they loved him.
          Every Tuesday and Thursday morning when the seniors came to bowl, Paisley would go up front as they put their shoes on, sit next to them and wait to be petted, offer a kiss. After the bowler acknowledged him, off he went to the next bowler. He was the greeter of the bowling center and he loved showing off his tricks to the special-ed kids and families, and he was a moral booster to the employees.
                                                Woah !
               And then it happened, I don't need to go into details, not important. But I never expected Paisley to be so devastated. He knew we would leave from home at 8:30, but this time we didn't go to work, and the morning after that, and the next morning also. Paisley would wait by the door staring at me, but I wasn't coming. He adjusted but hasn't been the same after that. I had to console him the best I could, take him for walks, meet the neighbors and their pets. He soon forgot our days at the office.
              My wife wasn't to pleased with me either, she was relieved because we had discussed me leaving now for a couple of years. It was an easy job, I could of done it in my sleep but things change and it was time to go. There is the issue of money thing, small detail. After a couple of days of discussion we had a plan and everything was better. A little tense, but better.
              Paisley is better now, he seems disappointed when he doesn't get to go out with me. Maybe expecting to visit his old friends at the bowl. But his buddy Fennick has moved in with us now and they play enough to keep his mind off his losses.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Let's get the formalities out of the way, shall we?

The one thing most articles agree on, unless it is a business, use the first blog to introduce yourself.
, As someone who has plenty to say, lets get started before the clock runs out. We will have fun together.
WHO: Hello, I am Don Vinson, no not the country singer, not related. I am 5'7” a little over weight, somewhat healthy, age 60, my wife is about the same(53), only thinner and better looking. Our dog, Mr. Paisley is 12 inches high and weighs 12 pounds. Now using that equation I would say he is grossly over weight, but pets need someplace to store all that love I guess so lets let it slide.
As the headline states, I was fired at age 60, sort of, fired in March, 60 in June, close enough. My boss made me the highest paid person in my field so I wouldn't leave. I gave notice after 17 years and was let go. No problem. My dog Mr. Paisley accompanied me to work every day as he was the mascot and greeter, no he didn't get me fired, I handled that all by myself thank you. I have been in the bowling business for 37 years now.
My wife of 33 years is wonderful just based on the fact that she puts up with me and my “projects” or hobbies as I like to call them. We have 2 kids that are grown up and out on there own. They are great, sometimes, when we go out to dinner, they pay.
My hobbies are as listed, fly fishing, people watching, taking things apart and putting them back together to see if they work, gold panning, gardening, electronic stuff, researching and learning, antique shopping, watching stupid movies on Netflix with the closed captions on. And multitasking defined by me as, TV on mute(closed captions), headphones on listening to music while playing on my computer.
Drives the wife nuts.
WHY: I wanted an outlet for my thoughts and ideas and to see how this blogging thing works. I first looked at making money when blogging because, well, I didn't have a job. But now I realize blogging can be done inexpensively so my focus has changed and I want to enjoy it and for sure someone will point out my failings later and I am OK with that. I was sure I wanted to write something but as usual, you have to take that leap of faith. Whats the worst that can happen? There is a great article by Joshua Becker giving the “15 reasons Why I Think You Should Blog”. It will talk you into writing if you are not sure.
What: This might be a gray area for a short while, my plan is to write about being fired at age 60, sort of a life coach for people around my age in my situation. It will focus on moving on, making plans, family life, and other observations and events also, I will share my dog stories. I expect you to only laugh and shake your head and enjoy for I think outside the box. I welcome all comments and suggestions good or bad. If you want to talk I am here, if you want to post, lets do it. I will share my past and my future thoughts. Throw them out there and see what sticks.
Thank you.

My next story: They fired me and my little dog too. See ya next time.