With 36 years in the business, 17 at my last job, I was the highest paid, and at the top of of my field, but after giving notice I was looking for another job, I was fired and not dissapointed to much. Using my 6 months unemployment, I planned out my future as there were ideas to work on. I started a business, wrote a short book, first time zip line, first time karaoke (Convoy), and developed new ideas.This is my journey, advice, project updates and ways of living with a positive outlook and excitement towards the future. We will have fun. And my dog, Mr. Paisley will be along also.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

                                              They fired me and my little dog too!

             I was a mechanic at a bowling center. A business I have been in for 37 years.
                                                               OK, that's done, now.
              My dog, Mister Paisley and I had a wonderful relationship there. We didn't have to be exactly on time, we took breaks whenever we wanted, ate when we wanted and we loved our customers. One day a female senior bowler brought Paisley a Lamb-Chop toy and he would run around the bowling center, ears flopping up and down, squeaking that toy loud enough to make sure everyone heard him, he loved them and they loved him.
          Every Tuesday and Thursday morning when the seniors came to bowl, Paisley would go up front as they put their shoes on, sit next to them and wait to be petted, offer a kiss. After the bowler acknowledged him, off he went to the next bowler. He was the greeter of the bowling center and he loved showing off his tricks to the special-ed kids and families, and he was a moral booster to the employees.
                                                Woah !
               And then it happened, I don't need to go into details, not important. But I never expected Paisley to be so devastated. He knew we would leave from home at 8:30, but this time we didn't go to work, and the morning after that, and the next morning also. Paisley would wait by the door staring at me, but I wasn't coming. He adjusted but hasn't been the same after that. I had to console him the best I could, take him for walks, meet the neighbors and their pets. He soon forgot our days at the office.
              My wife wasn't to pleased with me either, she was relieved because we had discussed me leaving now for a couple of years. It was an easy job, I could of done it in my sleep but things change and it was time to go. There is the issue of money thing, small detail. After a couple of days of discussion we had a plan and everything was better. A little tense, but better.
              Paisley is better now, he seems disappointed when he doesn't get to go out with me. Maybe expecting to visit his old friends at the bowl. But his buddy Fennick has moved in with us now and they play enough to keep his mind off his losses.

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